Trump’s Awkward ‘Fox & Friends’ Moment Left Stephen Colbert Stunned

Mr. President, it’s not them. It’s definitely you.

On Tuesday’s “Late Show,” host Stephen Colbert discussed Donald Trump’s 47-minute phone interview with “Fox & Friends” from earlier that day, as well as the awkward way it ended

After nearly an hour on the phone with the morning show, the president made it clear he wanted to do it again, every Monday in fact. The “Friends” weren’t so sure.

Host Steve Doocy went on to say the network would take it on a “case-by-case basis,” leaving Colbert to make this stunned face:

“Wow. That is cold,” Colbert said. “That’s like ending a date with, ‘So, I’ll see you next Saturday and every Saturday after that.’ She says, ‘Uh, you may want to see me next Saturday, but Katy is not committed to that. We’ll take it on a case-by-case basis.’”

The “Late Show” host also broke it down in simpler terms for the president: “I just think Steve Doocy’s not that into you.”

See the full clip below to enjoy endless flashbacks to all your awkward breakups: 

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