Trump Tweet Mocking ‘Unpresidential’ Obama Walk Resurfaces After Ramp Incident

President Donald Trump fired off a tweet over the weekend to defend his unusually slow and tentative walk down a ramp after speaking at West Point on Saturday.  

But a few years ago, he had a very different idea about how a president should walk. 

Trump didn’t like how then-President Barack Obama walked down the stairs of Air Force One, declaring it “inelegant and unpresidential”:

On Saturday, Trump raised alarms on social media after he appeared to struggle to lift a glass of water during his speech at West Point, then had difficulty walking down the ramp. 

The criticism seemed to strike home. He responded on Twitter that the ramp was “very long & steep” and also “very slippery.” However, the weather was clear and the ramp was dry and lined with no-slip strips.  

His behavior caused #TrumpIsNotWell to trend on Twitter. 

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