The outrageous event at Qatar airport.

At the Qatar airport, an egregious incident took place that caused international acclamation in which airport security officials allowed women’s rights to be violated. Many women underwent humiliating medical examinations after staff found an abandoned newborn baby. The arrived medical workers dragged the women to take off their underwear and examined their genitals to find a woman who had given birth recently. However, most of these women were citizens of different foreign countries.

According to the women, the medical examination was carried out without their consent. They experienced horror and humiliation, so this incident will remain in their memory for a long time.

Qatari prosecutors have filed charges against airport security officials, and Qatari Leader Sheikh Khalid bin Khalifa Al Thani expressed his apologies and stated that the actions of airport officials were contrary to the laws and principles of his country.

Many officials are outraged by the actions of the airport workers towards the citizens of their countries. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that this violation of women’s rights should be punished. Some officials believe this behavior is indicative of sexual assault.

The airport official stated that the airport staff were worried about the woman’s health and tried to find her quickly to provide the necessary medical assistance.

According to local media reports, the authorities found the mother of the newborn girl, but she is abroad now. She is an immigrant from South Asia. The authorities have begun extradition proceedings, and if she is returned to Kadar, she will be tried according to local laws. Qatar has a law prohibiting sexual intercourse, so she can be sentenced to 15 years for this crime.

By Jessica Smith

December 2, 2020

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