‘The Daily Show’ Uses Trump’s Own Words To ‘Eviscerate’ Trump

Wow. President Donald Trump is completely eviscerating … [checks notes] … President Donald Trump.

In a video from Friday, “The Daily Show” shows Trump mercilessly unloading on Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Unfortunately for Trump, he has been doing the very same things he attacked Biden for doing.

Over and over again, “The Daily Show” uses Trump’s knocks on Biden as the voiceover for clips of himself.

And the dude may want to rethink some things. From not knowing “where the hell he is” to hiding in his “damn basement,” Trump is relentless when it comes to, you know, Trump.

“The Daily Show” did a similar routine in August, trolling Fox News by showing the conservative network’s attacks on Biden could be turned on Trump. But by now showcasing the president’s own words, it’d be hard to say Trump doesn’t approve this message. 

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