Stevie Wonder Slams Trump, Racism: ‘Sad’ When ‘I Can See Better Than Your 20/20 Vision’

Stevie Wonder is leaving no doubt about what he thinks of Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric.

The music icon recalled just some of the president’s past offensive statements — from calling anti-racism protesters “thugs” to describing Haiti and African nations as “shithole” countries — in a powerful five-minute monologue, titled “The Universe Is Watching Us,” that he shared online Tuesday.

Wonder, who did not utter Trump’s name in the video, then warned: “One day, you will show that you’re sorry. Because action speaks louder than words, and the appalling silence by some is deafening.”

Elsewhere in the video, Wonder, 70, denounced systemic racism, police brutality and “economic repression of Black and brown people,” and urged people to “move more than your mouth ― move your feet to the polls and use your hands to vote.”

“Black lives do matter, and this is not another digital, viral trend, moment or hashtag,” he added in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. “It has to be the beginning of an end of all this bull-tish. It is our lives, literally. Yes, all lives do matter. But they only matter when Black lives matter too.”

“You know, it’s a sad day when I can see better than your 20/20 vision,’” said Wonder, who has been blind since infancy. Ahead of the 2016 election, the musician said that voting for Trump to lead the country would be like asking him, Wonder, to drive a car.

“The universe is watching us,” Wonder concluded in Tuesday’s video. “Forget about a hundred, a thousand years from now. What will we have done by this time next year? I’m talking about you. I’m talking about me. I’m talking about every-single-body. Let’s do something. Let’s make a difference.”

Check out the full video here:

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