Senator Kelly Loeffler is on self-isolation.

COVID-19 spares no one and walks around the country without choosing its victims. Senator Kelly Loeffler (Georgia) may have been a victim of COVID-19, too. She is in self-isolation even though the test results contradict each other. Loeffler took an active part in the election campaign. She attended many different events, and after one of them, she did a rapid test. The result was negative, but she passed a PCR test to verify the result. The analysis of the PCR test showed a positive result. After it, the senator decided to go on self-isolation. At the same time at Friday’s event, she was with Vice President Mike Pence and Republican Senator David Purdue. All three were without masks, which causes a negative reaction from the public.

The next day, she passed the test again, and the result was negative. Because rapid tests have a low level of virus detection efficiency, the senator remains on self-isolation. This excessive caution is a necessary step that will protect the senator’s team from the spread of the virus. At the same time, the senator plans to pass the PCR test again to be sure of the results.

We remind you that the PCR test has a higher level of efficiency and gives an erroneous result in no more than about 30% of cases of COVID-19 disease.

The Leffler meeting was organized in the course of the struggle for a seat in the Senate. Her opponent is Democrat Raphael Warnock. The second round of elections is to determine the winner and Senator from Georgia. The election date is set for January 5, 2021. At the same time, David Purdue is also running an active campaign and trying to keep his seat.

Both the Democratic and Republican parties are waiting for the election results because the results will determine which party will have prevailing power in the US Senate.

The Republicans lack one vote to take the lead. If both seats are taken by the Democrats, the balance of power will be 50-50.

By Jessica Smith

November 26, 2020

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