Sean Hannity Claims Trump Is Also A Victim Of Crooked Cops: ‘It’s Horrific’

Fox News host Sean Hannity said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump is also a victim of “crooked cops.” 

Hannity said he wouldn’t compare the supposed victimization of Trump to that of George Floyd, a Black man in Minneapolis killed by police in a May 25 incident that sparked widespread protests, civil unrest and calls for reform.

But then, Hannity did just that during a segment on a supposed “deep state” conspiracy to undermine Trump’s 2016 campaign by figures within the FBI. 

“Even the president himself ― it’s not the same thing as what happened to George Floyd ― but it’s horrific,” he said, “He was a victim of crooked cops.” 

Hannity repeated that it wasn’t the same circumstances but then also repeated the claim.

“I’m not making any comparison,” he said in a clip posted online by the progressive watchdog organization Media Matters. “A bad cop is a bad cop, and by all means the damage was real to the country.”  

At the end of his show, Hannity went back to the comparison he said wasn’t a comparison as he played a clip of an interview with Attorney General William Barr.

“There’s no comparison in the case,” he said. “Very different circumstances, I’m not comparing them.”

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