Sean Hannity Calls For ‘Full Force’ Of U.S. Military To Strike Iran

Sean Hannity unsurprisingly urged the U.S. to escalate the conflict with Iran Tuesday, saying the military should answer Iran’s “hostility” with its “full force.” (See the clip above.)

The Fox News host was responding to Iran’s missile attack on bases in Iraq housing American troops after a Donald Trump-ordered drone strike killed Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani. There were no immediate reports of American casualties.

“They actually think they can attack Americans and get away with it? I think they need to think again,” Hannity said on “Hannity.” “Did they actually think that they can kill our brave men and women abroad in our embassy and get away with it? Do they think they can fund terrorism all around the globe and get away with that? Do they think they can commit economic terrorism and try and impact the free flow of the lifeblood of every economy in the world and get away with that?”

Hannity, whose commentary often dovetails with Trump’s policies, then ratcheted up the rhetoric.

“There is a massive price to pay. You don’t get to do what they did tonight. They have now been begging ― the president wanted to talk and wants peace ― and they are going to get hit hard. Their hostility will now be met with the full force of the greatest, most advanced, most sophisticated military this world has ever seen.”

Hannity suggested the U.S. should bomb Iranian oil refineries. Hear why right here:

H/T Media Matters

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