Murder in a church in San Jose, California.

The crime took place in San Jose, California. Two people were killed as a result of a knife wound. The police have not yet named the number of injured and the details of the attack. The incident took place at Grace Baptist Church in San Jose, which opened its doors to the homeless. People who do not have the opportunity to keep warm in the cold season are forced to seek protection from the church. According to the police, there was no service in the church at that time.

San Jose police reported the incident on their official Twitter page. Details have been omitted, so we know that several people have sustained severe and life-threatening injuries. While doctors are fighting for the lives of the victims, the police are looking for the perpetrator of the attack.

The page of the mayor of the city says that the perpetrator of the attack was arrested and is under arrest. But after a few hours, the police denied this information. One local television station reported that police arrested a 22-year-old man on suspicion of assaulting a church. But, the police do not confirm this information.

There is the only video from the crime scene that was filmed by a news channel. In this video, you can see several ambulances and police cars. Also, the scene of the crime is fenced off with police tapes, traffic cones blocking the road.

Perhaps the police will reveal all the details of the crime and arrest the criminal who committed a terrible knife attack that took human lives.

By Jessica Smith
December 3, 2020

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