Meeting the New York Jets with the Los Angeles Chargers: a predictable game score.

“The New York Jets” met with “The Los Angeles Chargers” on November 23, 2020. The result of the match did not surprise anyone, as “New York Jets” are at their worst team in this NFL season and have not won any games. But, the players of the New York team decided to attract attention to dirty games instead of professionalism and skill. But even such unprofessional actions could not help the team win.

Nathan Shepherd’s belated reaction to the passer caused a negative reaction from viewers. Shepherd decided to show the power of his punch and demonstrated it on the Los Angeles Chargers’ quarterback Justin Herbert. Shepard decided to hit the quarterback with chest, which caused “The Los Angeles Chargers” player to fall to the lawn. Even though the blow was not strong and did not injure Herbert, viewers condemned Shepard’s act and could not understand why he contacted the quarterback.

The game ended in victory for “The Los Angeles Chargers” 34-28, while the New York Jets ranked 0-10.
Twitter users made fun of “The New York Jets” and expressed their negative opinion of their game.

By Jessica Smith

December 7, 2020


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