Let This McGruff The Crime Dog Blunder On ‘Jeopardy!’ Be Your Distraction For The Day

This wrong response was a crime.

On Monday’s episode of “Jeopardy!” Kyle Dallman of Cincinnati had a commanding lead going into Final Jeopardy!

The subject was “Advertising Characters” and the clue: “Jack Keil’s team created this animal character rolled out in 1980, the year of the USA’s highest recorded murder rate.”

McGruff the Crime Dog, the trenchcoat-wearing pooch who urged viewers to “take a bite out of crime,” was the correct response.

Remember him?

Khalilah Walters from Danville, Virginia, guessed Scooby Doo, the cartoon canine who loves snacks.

Monya De from Santa Monica, California, wrote “MacGruff” and got credit for the slightly misspelled response. 

And Dallman, who probably needs to brush up on his 1980s PSAs, wrote “Ruff McGruffin.” Close but not really.

Dallman won the pre-taped game with $15,400 because he bet nothing, but Twitter users wouldn’t throw him a bone. They teased him anyway because it was just so doggone fun.

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