Kanye Brags His First Vote Ever Will Be For Himself And Annoys Twitter Users

Trump and Biden Pooping Figurines

If you’re convinced that both <a href=”https://caganershop.com/collections/political/products/trump-caganer” target=”_blank”>Donald Trump</a> and <a href=”https://caganershop.com/collections/political/products/biden-caganer” target=”_blank”>Joe Biden</a> are full of crap, these <a href=”https://caganershop.com/collections/political/products/trump-caganer” target=”_blank”>figurines</a> &mdash; a Spanish tradition &mdash; won’t leave you down in the dumps. It’s common for nativity scenes in Spain to include a “caganer,” or a pooping figurine whose presence&nbsp;symbolizes fertilization, luck and prosperity. American voters may get a different message from these crapping collectibles.


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