Joe Biden introduced the new Secretary of State.

As befits a newly minted US president, Joe Biden begins to pursue a personnel policy. One of the most significant political figures in the system of government is the Secretary of State. Therefore, this position is given to a person who is an ally of the president and inspires confidence. Tony Blinken is such a man for Joe Biden. Blinken’s appointment was not a surprise for Americans as he is a longtime associate of Biden and a member of his team.

The appointment of Tony Blinken gives the US hope for better foreign policy. The new Secretary of State has extensive experience in foreign policy. He is respected and popular with allies in the United States and abroad.

Blinken’s appointment reflects Biden’s intention to change US foreign policy and improve the country’s image in the foreign political arena, which declined significantly during the presidency of Donald Trump.

Tony Blinken has a solid track record in government. His collaboration with Biden dates back to when Biden chaired the House Foreign Relations Committee. Also, Blinken was deputy secretary of state during President Barack Obama’s second term. Also, Tony Blinkenworked in the Clinton presidential administration. Such experience will help him cope with the emerging tasks professionally.

According to official sources, Tony Blinken sees the United States as the leader of world society while he has respect for other countries and does not try to interfere in their internal political processes. During Barack Obama’s presidency, Blinken advocated decisive action against countries with nuclear weapons and terrorist control. Nevertheless, in recent years, Blinken has expressed more restrained ideas about such countries. His foreign policy decisions are based on the principles of democracy and respect for other democratic countries.

Nevertheless, Biden believes that this is the best candidate for the post of secretary of state, and he will do his best within the law to get Tony Blinken to this position.

Further appointments will be announced shortly, but for now, the Americans are waiting for the new president to take over and head the White House.

By Jessica Smith

November 29, 2020


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