Jimmy Kimmel Says The Reason Trump Refuses To Condemn White Supremacists Is ‘Not What You Think’

Jimmy Kimmel had 24 hours to digest why Donald Trump sidestepped calls to condemn white supremacists during the presidential debate ― and the talk show host said he figured out the president’s motive. (See the video below.)

Kimmel showed a clip of the controversial exchange when moderator Chris Wallace and Democratic challenger Joe Biden urged Trump to specifically denounce hate groups stoking violence at protests. At the president’s request to name one such gang, Biden suggested the neo-fascist Proud Boys.

“Proud Boys, stand back and stand by,” was all the president could muster before once again blaming the left. The violent group celebrated Trump’s response as a rallying cry. 

“The reason he refuses to denounce white supremacists specifically is not what you think,” Kimmel said on his show Wednesday. “It’s just because Donald Trump isn’t the kind of person who feels comfortable saying mean things.”

Yes, Kimmel is a comedian. But he also got serious during his monologue:

“You know who refuses to condemn white supremacists?” he asked. “White supremacists.”

The host stumbled over the word “supremacists,” then joked: “It’s hard to say. Maybe that’s why he won’t do it.”

Kimmel also broke down one of Trump’s many falsehoods during the smackdown.

“Maybe the most egregious lie Trump told was when he said Joe Biden played more golf than he does,” the host cracked. “Phil Mickelson doesn’t play more golf than he does.” 

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