Jimmy Fallon’s Cheeky Donald Trump-Kamala Harris Pun Makes Him Dance

Jimmy Fallon loved his pun about Donald Trump dissing Kamala Harris so much that he danced to celebrate it.

The Tonight Show” host showed a clip Wednesday of the president’s North Carolina rally speech in which he said it would be an “insult to our country” if Harris, the California senator who’s the first Black vice presidential nominee for a major party, ever became the first woman president.

“I wonder what Trump thinks is so insulting about Kamala Harris?” Fallon asked. “I feel like the answer is white in front of me.” Oof.

The comedian received a rim shot from the band, then busted a move.

Fallon launched plenty of other choice zingers at Trump.

Watch his whole monologue above, or fast forward to the pun at 3:30.

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