James Corden Shoots Down Bizarre Joe Biden Conspiracy Theory

Maybe Donald Trump should just … uh … stop retweeting things?

The president recently retweeted a fake conspiracy theory about Joe Biden, claiming the Democratic presidential hopeful uses a teleprompter to answer questions. And we know it’s fake because it also involves James Corden, and the “Late Late Show” host has receipts.

Apparently, part of the evidence for the conspiracy theory is a screenshot from Corden’s show, where a supposed teleprompter reflection can be seen. After Trump’s recent retweet, Corden decided to set the record straight.

He showed the clip of the moment in question, joking about the conspiracy theorists’ promptness: “I’m just really hurt that this is only coming out now. Joe Biden was on the show in April.”

Corden then cleared things up. Yes, there was a prompter, but it was for him. Because, you know, he’s hosting a talk show…

“None of this is true. The teleprompter is for me. Now, this is back from when we were doing the shows in my garage, and that screen is what all of our guests who Zoomed in to the show could see,” Corden said.

The host sarcastically joked that the actual facts will finally be the end of the controversy. After all, “it seems to work with any other conspiracy theory.”

Just last week, Corden also called out the president for strangely retweeting someone who was insulting him, which prompts an even more likely conspiracy theory: Trump doesn’t actually know what he’s doing on Twitter.

See the full clip below.

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