James Corden Points Out The Weirdest Thing About Trump’s Bizarre Retweet

From hamberders to covfefe, President Donald Trump has a long hustory of Twitter errors. But as James Corden points out, the president’s latest social media mistake gets even weirder the more you think about it.

On “The Late Late Show” on Thursday, host Corden brought up the president’s strange recent retweet of someone who wrote, “Saw Not Fat trending and totally thought it was something Trump said.”

Donald Trump apparently approves this message.

Donald Trump apparently approves this message.

The “Late Late Show” host was baffled. 

“Now, I have no idea why Trump would retweet that. I’m not even really sure what that tweet means. All I know is that the president of the United States saw it and thought, ‘During a pandemic while wildfires are raging throughout California, I have to share this with the American people,’” Corden said.

The tweeter, Kevin Grandia, later wrote that the tweet was definitely taking a dig at Trump’s narcissism. But it gets even weirder. Corden believes the president had to search around to even find the insulting tweet in the first place.

“Trump wasn’t even tagged in this tweet, which means that Trump searched his own name to find the tweet. Just how far down the insecure vanity search well does Trump go every day?” joked Corden. “This is not the behavior of a world leader. This is frankly the behavior of a late-night talk show host.”

See the whole clip below, as well as Grandia’s equally confused response:

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