James Corden Notices A Weird Pattern With Trump’s Photos

We’re in the final stretch of the presidential election, and the (Philly cheese) stakes are high.

On his Wednesday night show, James Corden brought up a photo of Donald Trump posing with a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, which the president tweeted earlier this week in a bid to gain favor in Pennsylvania. But when analyzing the picture, “The Late Late Show” host noticed a weird pattern.

“Is it me, or does Trump only look genuinely happy when he’s posing with food?” Corden said, proceeding to show other photo ops of Trump with a taco salad and a bucket of chicken.

Donald Trump posing with food.

Donald Trump posing with food.

“It’s the exact same face every time,” he said, showing the eerily similar photos. “He’s happiest when he’s photographed with food.”

But Corden wasn’t done. The “Late Late Show” host also figured out when the fast food-loving president is the least happy, and let’s just say Trump probably won’t be ordering the family specials anytime soon.

Watch the clip below to find out:

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