Irish Priest Pens Stirring Poem About The Coronavirus Lockdown

A stirring poem penned by a Capuchin Franciscan brother in Ireland is giving respite to millions of people worldwide who are in lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

It goes on to remind readers, however, that there “does not have to be hate” or “loneliness.”

Check out the full poem here:

Hendrick, whose post has been shared more than 41,000 times, didn’t immediately answer HuffPost’s request for further information. In a later Facebook post, he said the response had been “overwhelming to say the least.”

“I am so glad that it has done a little good out there in these difficult days for so many,” he wrote, calling on people to “look after each other and rejoice that in this difficult time we can at least connect here and offer support to one another.”

Hendrick recited the poem on BBC Radio London on Tuesday: 

Anderson Cooper also recited part of the poem on Thursday’s broadcast of his CNN show:

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