Emily Murphy announced the transition process

Even though Donald Trump refuses to recognize the election results, the transition process has started. It was reported by Emily Murphy, administrator of the Office of General Services. She claimed that it is necessary to allocate funds for the transfer of power to the new president. She communicated her decision to Joe Biden. She sent a letter to him. She claimed that all her decisions were taken within the framework of the law. She said the refusal of the federal courts to Donald Trump and the recount of voice made her accept the fact that Joe Biden was motivated in the presidential elections. Therefore, she understood that the transition process is a necessary step that was provided for by the legislation of the country, and she, as a responsible civil servant, was obliged to execute it. Also, she said that all decisions were made only on her convictions, and no one put pressure on her.

Biden’s team responded to Murphy’s statement and argues that this was an important decision that was needed to resolve the difficult situations in the country associated with the pandemic and the economy.
Donald Trump also reacted to Murphy’s statement and expressed his gratitude for her professional work. He added that he would continue to defend his interests in court, but he agreed that the transition process is a necessary step for the welfare of the country.

Murphy’s decision was the initial stage for the transfer of authority to the new administration. Shortly, federal government officials  meet with the transition committee to discuss the situation in the country. They are also obliged to provide all the necessary information to representatives of the new administration.

Biden’s team will receive more than $ 6 million for the transition process.

Many politicians do not support Trump’s actions and say that he is hindering democratic processes in the country, which can negatively affect the development of a pandemic and the worsening economic situation in the country.

By Jessica Smith
December 9, 2020

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