Elon Musk reveals self-penned dance track

Not content with being the person behind an electric car revolution, the mass production of flamethrowers, or even the pioneering of private space travel – Elon Musk can now add EDM artist to his CV.

After teasing it for a number of days, Musk dropped an electronic dance music (EDM) track on SoundCloud called Don’t Doubt ur Vibe, saying he wrote and performed the vocals.

The track was released on Musk’s “Emo G records” and in eight hours was played more than 500,000 times on the music streaming service – often the platform of choice for unknown artists.

Elon Musk has dropped a new dance track. Pic: Twitter/ Elon Musk
Image: Musk wrote the lyrics to the track. Pic: Twitter/ Elon Musk

Musk’s self-written and performed lyrics are: “Don’t doubt your vibe, because it’s true. Don’t doubt your vibe, because it’s you.”

He then repeats the lines over a thumping electronic beat.

Elon Musk has dropped a new dance track. Pic: Twitter/ Elon Musk
Image: Musk teased his new track over a few days. Pic: Twitter/ Elon Musk

Fans found it hard to decide whether or not Musk was joking about releasing the new track, and tweeted teases such as “this song is hard” and “Be … cause … it’s … true”.

He had posted a series of images on his newly re-branded E D M Twitter account, showing him in a music studio behind the equaliser as he seemingly perfects his tracks.

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After the release, he tweeted a popular meme that shows the Joker on the famous steps in Brooklyn dancing to the theme tune to Netflix’s The Witcher, while a smaller version of the villain danced behind him to his new track.

Back in March 2019, he released an ode to the gorilla that was shot dead at a Cincinnati Zoo, called “RIP Harambe“, where he rapped his tributes to the primate.

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