Canadians ask Americans to stay home on Thanksgiving.

At the end of October, Canadians celebrated Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, after this holiday, the statistics of COVID-19 diseases increased several times. Therefore, Canadians ask Americans not to make their mistake and not to neglect the safety rules for the holidays. They are confident that if the Americans do not gather all their friends, relatives to spend time together on Thanksgiving, it will save them COVID-19.

Even though it has been six weeks since Thanksgiving in Canada, statistics continue to grow. These days, the highest incidence rates for COVID-19 are observed for the entire period of the pandemic. Therefore, Canadians decided to warn their neighbors about the dangers that await them if they violate the restrictions on family gatherings.

Canadians go through such troubles because they have not paid attention to the dangers of family gatherings on holidays.

About 190,000 cases of COVID-19 were reported in Canada in mid-October. At the end of November, this figure rose to 350,000 cases. Experts believe that the reason for such a rapid increase in distribution is the violation of the quarantine rules during the Thanksgiving celebration.

Canadians believe that family meetings with relatives are an integral part of their culture, but they are not worth risking each other’s health and lives.

The country’s epidemiologists hope that Canada’s negative example will help keep Americans from violating quarantine restrictions and staying at home.

Nobody forbids you from celebrating Thanksgiving. But, as a rule, Americans are accustomed to meeting on this festive evening with relatives who live in different parts of America. Thus, they can give you the virus without suspecting that they are carriers of COVID-19. Therefore, have dinner with the members of your family with whom you live. It will reduce the risk of getting sick or infecting your relatives.

Canadians are confident that Thanksgiving is not a reason to risk their lives but a reason to turn to God. They assure the Americans that meetings with relatives can be done later when COVID-19 leaves their country.

By Jessica Smith

November 20, 2020

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