Ari Melber Hits Donald Trump With Scathing Comparison To Past Presidents

Ari Melber on Tuesday looked back at the compassion that past presidents have displayed amid national tragedies to highlight how President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic “is not normal.”

The host of MSNBC’s “The Beat” aired footage of Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and other previous commanders in chief consoling the nation following terror attacks, mass school shootings and assassinations.

“When you listen to these past presidents from both parties, there is more than a history lesson here, more than just a reminder of the way things were,” said Melber.

“Just looking at this when we were putting it together and now as you’re watching it, I think it does something else,” he continued. “It unavoidably, obviously provides a bipartisan contrast to how the current president approaches this part of the job during this mounting death toll.”

“How do you console and grieve with a nation that sorely needs it?” asked Melber, noting how Trump has spoken more in public than most presidents but used his time more to attack enemies and cast blame rather than offer messages of support.

“While this is not the only thing going on right now, if you do find yourself at home thinking ‘this is not normal, we should not act like this is normal,’ you’re right. It’s not,” Melber concluded.

Check out the video above.

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