Americans’ plans for the Christmas holidays.

The holiday season is already very close, and many people are preparing for the celebration of Christmas. Unfortunately, COVID-19 changed the plans of most Americans this year. Many of them do not feel joy these days and cannot think positively because of the pandemic. But, even those who look at everything that is happening with optimism, admit that the celebration of Christmas will be unusual this year.

A survey among its respondents about how they are going to celebrate Christmas in the pandemic. The results of the survey showed that more than 50% of those surveyed believe that the holidays this year are worse than in previous years. About 30% of respondents believe that COVID-19 will not affect their plans, and the holidays will pass as usual. Although, among the respondents, some believe that this year their holidays will be better than usual. But such part is no more than 3%.

At the same time, the majority of those surveyed answered that they would not go on vacation travel because of the pandemic. Some of them changed their outlook on life and priorities. COVID-19 made them realize that family, friends, and quiet, peaceful evenings with family are more important than any travel. Some of those surveyed said they were giving up travel to save money, as the pandemic has affected the country’s economy and they are forced to save money.

Some of their respondents said that they will not celebrate the holidays this year and give gifts to each other.

Even though the majority of respondents refused to celebrate the New Year because of the pandemic, some are outraged at the tightening of the quarantine restrictions for the Christmas holidays. They argue that such measures are stupid and spoil their mood and plans.

Many of those surveyed cannot enjoy Christmas due to the death of loved ones from COVID-19.

Unfortunately, COVID-19 is gaining momentum, so the authorities are asking people not to violate quarantine regulations and to abide by the rules. Despite the widespread fear of contracting the virus, society does not agree with this decision of the authorities. Therefore, many people violate the ban on large family gatherings. Although almost half of the respondents say that they do not plan to attend family events where more than ten people will be present.

The opinion poll results show that Republicans are more responsive about the decision to restrict indoor and outdoor family gatherings. About 70% of them say that this is a responsible decision for every citizen, while only 50% of Democrats agree with this decision.

Also, during the survey, a question was asked about the level of worry about COVID-19. Almost half of the respondents answered that they are as worried as the majority of people in society. About 30% believe that their level of anxiety is significantly higher than that of those around them, and about 20% believe that they are less worried than other people.

More worried were Democrats, especially women, who experience increased levels of anxiety over COVID-19.

Also, it turned out that about 10% of respondents worsened relationships with relatives because of the way to celebrate Christmas during a pandemic. Some of them refuse to meet with their relatives because they do not follow the safety rules necessary to prevent the spread of COVI-19.

By Jessica Smith

December 4, 2020

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