Amazing news: Oxford University scientists have developed a vaccine against COVID-19.

Fortunately, the development of a COVID-19 vaccine continues even though two pharmaceutical giants have announced the launch of vaccine production with a 95% efficacy. But, the amount of vaccine they can produce in a year cannot meet the global need.

Therefore, the news that Oxford University has developed a vaccine for COVID-19 has become the hope that most people will be able to get the vaccine.

The Oxford vaccine was developed with the support of the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca. It prevents COVID-19 by 90%, according to tests conducted on thousands of volunteers.

The vaccine is administered in two stages. The first small part of the dose is taken to prepare the immune system, and then after a while, the rest of the dose is injected to help completely cope with the virus. At the same time, the professor said that their vaccine could be used to treat both mild and severe forms of COVID-19. Although, with a severe form of COVID-19, it has higher efficiency. The research results were sent for scientific examination. Also, the vaccine must go through all the licensing procedures provided for by law. Once approved, AstraZeneca will begin manufacturing the vaccine.

Also, the professor states that after the introduction of a dose of the vaccine, the level of transmission of the virus and the number of asymptomatic patients decreases.

The Minister of Health said that he was very pleased with the emergence of another effective vaccine and hoped that it receives confirmation of its safety and effectiveness from the relevant authorities.
Also, Prime Minister Boris Johnson shared this news on his Twitter, and said that this was amazing news, and expressed his gratitude to the scientists of the University of Oxford and company AstraZeneca
After passing all the necessary licensing procedures, AstraZeneca begins to manufacture the vaccine, which will be manufactured in 10 countries, and then packaged in full doses in the UK. Many countries hope they can get some of this vaccine.

The company says its vaccine has the advantage of being stored at refrigerator temperatures and a cost. According to the words of the chief director of the company, the price of the vaccine will be available to everyone, regardless of income level. Experts estimate the Oxford vaccine dose to be around 3 pounds. It is 5-7 times less than the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Thus, the Oxford vaccine will be available to economically poor countries.

By Jessica Smith
December 8, 2020

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