A shark took the life of a 55-year-old man in Western Australia.

A shark attack killed a 55-year-old man in Western Australia. Unfortunately, it is not the only shark attack fatality in the country. It is the eighth case this year. The incident occurred 130 feet off the coast of Cable Beach. According to eyewitnesses, the man was bodyboarding when a shark attacked him. Rescuers dragged the injured man to the shore, paramedics tried to save his life. But, unfortunately, the man died at the scene. The incident occurred on November 22, 2020, at 8:40 am.

The victim could not be identified, despite the efforts of the local police. A spokesman for the district police department said the police killed the shark half an hour after the tragedy. Also, he noted that the shark attack is a tragedy for people who wanted to have a good time and found death instead.

Locals claim that it was a tiger shark that swam to the shore to catch fish. They noticed there were many fish near the shore that could attract the attention of a shark. After the tragic incident, local authorities decided to close the beaches for a day.

Less than a month after the last tragic shark attack on Australia’s southeast coast near Esperance, a 60-year-old surfer was attacked by a shark. According to the witnesses, the man was riding aboard, and then he was attacked by a shark and dragged into the sea. Unfortunately, the police did not find the victim’s body.

The Indian Ocean is a popular place for surfers, but unfortunately, Australia’s beaches are not safe due to uncontrolled shark attacks.

By Jessica Smith

November 22, 2020

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